Want to Become a Volunteer?

Hospice of Northwest Ohio volunteers make a positive difference in the lives of the patients and families they serve and are greatly appreciated by the Hospice staff as well. If you are thinking about becoming a volunteer, here are some things to consider:

Volunteers make a “priceless” contribution

Each year volunteers provide thousands of hours of service for our patients. The value of this time exceeds a half million dollars, but is “priceless” in the eyes of those we serve.

In addition, as a Medicare-certified hospice, we are mandated to include volunteers as an important part of our organization. We are required to have at least 5% of our patient services hours provided by volunteers.

Training Builds Confidence

Every volunteer receives training prior to joining the Hospice of Northwest Ohio team. Topics include:

  • Understanding the Hospice philosophy of care
  • Knowing the boundaries when interacting with patients and families
  • Communicating with patients and families
  • Understanding basic health and safety precautions
  • Understanding patient confidentiality
  • Understanding the services provided by Hospice of Northwest Ohio

Additional training is provided for those volunteers who choose to provide more specialized services. 

The Benefit of Becoming a Hospice Volunteer

While our volunteers make a tremendous impact on the lives of our patients, families and staff, we hear time and again that they, too, benefit from their hospice experiences. Among the things they mention are:

  • Increased appreciation for life and what is really important
  • Greater knowledge and more inner peace about the end-of-life experience
  • Greater insight about diversity and the different perspectives among cultures
  • Heightened sense of fulfillment and pride because of their contributions to the Hospice of Northwest Ohio mission

Getting Started as a Volunteer

Volunteer training classes are held numerous times a year. Those interested in learning more about the many volunteer opportunities available should contact the Volunteer Department at 419-931-5534 or jtucholski@hospicenwo.org.

Download our volunteer application.



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"I don't know how we would have handled the situation with both of my parents without the help and loving care from the people of Hospice of Northwest Ohio."