family support

We recognize that each patient and family is unique and strive to be responsive to the special needs of everyone we serve. Our team offers care and services that not only support the patient at the end of life, but also guide and assist family members. Our goal is for the entire family to have the best end-of-life experience possible.

"The counseling offered to me after my mom's death has been of great help to me. I truly appreciate the counselor and help I am receiving."

Emotional and Spiritual Support

Many issues arise when a family is facing the loss of a loved one. Because emotional and spiritual wellbeing are as important as managing pain and symptoms, a staff of licensed social workers, counselors and chaplains play an integral role in caring for patients as well as providing support and guidance to their families. Read More.

Loss and Helplessness in a Pandemic

These newly released short videos are meant to help people mourn their many losses and learn how to stay grounded during this time when helplessness and loss of control is escalating. Watch Videos.

Caregiving Workshops/Training

We understand that providing care for a friend or loved one is very hard work. If you are feeling overwhelmed or isolated in your efforts, or would like to learn helpful hints and tips from others who are doing the same thing, consider one of our free caregiving workshops. Read More.

Caregiver Assistance Videos

These helpful videos address various topics of interest to caregivers and walk you through some of the basics of caring for a loved one at home. Read More.

Grief Support

Bereavement services are an important part of hospice care. Hospice of Northwest Ohio offers a variety of resources to support families as they anticipate the loss of their loved one and, of course, after the person dies.  All services are available at no charge to anyone in the community. Read More.

Coping and Support Links

Information and resources for those facing serious illness or adjusting to life after the loss of a loved one. Read More.