Wish List

As your local, independent, non-profit hospice, we rely on community support to sustain our mission and provide high-quality care to patients and their families when they need us. We’ve identified some ways that the community can assist us by providing one or more much-needed wish list items.

For Patient Use:

Pocket Talker Pro       Thank you to the donors who fulfilled our wish for these items!

The Pocket Talker Pro was identified as a beneficial tool for hospice patients by our founding medical director, Dr. Sharon Erel. We once had four of these handy personal amplifiers which function like hearing aids but are better suited for our environment and needs. They can really be helpful in assisting with communication, especially in the inpatient units. After some years, we are down to just one.


Stargazer Projector

Star-like dots projected in the patient room in random, moving patterns can create interest and have a calming and soothing effect on patients. We have found these to be extremely helpful in creating a soothing environment. They wear out over time, and are used often, so we need three to make sure they are available at both hospice centers.

Stargazer Projector:                                                        $180.00

Total for three:                                                                $540.00


Fans for each patient room

Our medical director has made us aware that fresh air being moved in the room helps breathing, comfort and can help keep some symptoms under control. To use in patient rooms we would require fans with steel construction designed for commercial use. We need 48.

Fan for patient rooms:                                                   $50.00

Total for 48:                                                                   $2,400.00


For Patient Comfort:

Massage Therapy

Your gift will provide the comforting touch of a certified massage therapist for patients who would benefit from massage therapy. Completely supported by private donations, this complementary therapy can bring soothing relief and the comfort of another’s caring touch.

Massage therapy visits for 10 hospice patients:                  $750.00


For Patient Mobility:

Temporary aluminum ramp

Through a collaborative partnership with The Ability Center of Greater Toledo, we are able to assist hospice patients living in the community with the installation of a temporary AlumiRamp, the use of the ramp for as long as needed, and the removal of the ramp when no longer necessary. We could not do this without the expertise, personnel, and generosity of our friends at The Ability Center. The total cost to do a site visit, a ramp design, installation, and removal is $1,000. But the memories made and the freedom experienced by our patients is priceless. With your gift of $1,000, the ability for a patient to experience places and people outside the home is assured for as long as possible.

One custom installed AlumiRamp for as long as needed:      $1,000.00


Non-Medical Transport

Sometimes, patients in the hospice center or in their homes need a special one-time transport for a special occasion, event, or gathering. The chance to be at a daughter’s wedding, or grandchild’s baptism... The chance to attend a family or school reunion, or to be with the whole family one more time at Christmas… These are examples of non-medical transports that donors make possible for patients who can’t afford them any other way. The gift of a precious experience and memory for not only our patient, but their family.

One non-medical transport for a hospice patient:                 $300.00


For Patient Care:

EKG machine for doctor use

Pain management takes many forms, with different procedures, equipment and medicines used in a variety of ways to meet the unique challenges of a particular patient. Sometimes, Methadone is the most appropriate narcotic pain reliever for the circumstances. Before prescribing methadone for a patient, the physician must determine specific attributes of the heart rhythm of the patient. Sometimes, the patient has a recent EKG. Sometimes they do not, resulting in a somewhat costly order for an EKG. If we had our own EKG, we could provide the best possible care at the lowest expense and highest level of confidence.

Portable EKG machine:                                                       $2,200.00


For Families:

Three months of bereavement counseling for one family

Your gift will support our comprehensive community-wide bereavement program which serves anyone in our community who has experienced a loss, regardless of whether the loved one was a hospice patient. Specifically, it will provide three months of bereavement counseling for one family. Your gift will provide the expert support that can help loved ones of all ages learn resilience and other skills to help resolve and cope with anticipatory grief or following a loss.

Three months of bereavement counseling for one family:      $300.00


To purchase a wish list item, indicate the item being provided by your gift in the comment section of the online giving form. Or, contact John Lechman, Vice President, Philanthropy, to discuss in more detail.




"They were a tremendous support for our son and our entire family during his farewell time with us."