Speaker's Bureau

We welcome any opportunity to share information about end-of-life care. We are the community’s leading resource regarding the many issues and concerns all individuals and families will face as they help their loved ones prepare for their final months of life. 

All presentations are are tailored to the special interests or needs of the audience. We do our very best to accommodate requests whether they are weekdays, evenings or weekends.  

Presentations from Hospice of Northwest Ohio are appropriate for any group, including:

  • Civic, service and church groups
  • Employers and their various work groups
  • Educators of all types
  • Clergy, Stephen Ministries, Congregational or Parish Nurses
  • Student groups – high school and college
  • Medical professionals
  • Counseling professionals
  • Social service agencies 

General topics include, but are not limited to:

Busting the Myths of Hospice and Palliative Care This presentation will identify and explore the common myths and misconceptions related to Hospice and Palliative Care. There will be discussion regarding the Hospice philosophy as well as a description of the services provided and benefits of each program. Questions are encouraged!

Advance Care Planning Health crises are unpredictable. Advance Care Planning is making informed decisions about the care you or your loved one would prefer to receive in the event of a crisis. Learn the importance of having conversations and documents prepared if an individual is unable to speak for themselves.

Being an Empathetic Listener during Difficult Conversations Being able to navigate difficult, emotional conversations takes skills such as empathetic listening. Explore how to manage these types of conversations with tips & tricks, and what NOT to do when an emotional topic presents itself.

Exploring the Use of Opioids in Hospice and Palliative Care The use of powerful medications can be confusing and scary. This educational presentation will include how opioids work, their effects/side effects, the myths/misconceptions and their effect on patient care, as well as addiction.

Dying to Know: What to Expect When Death is Near The human body has its own internal wisdom when it comes to shutting down and dying naturally. This presentation will identify physical changes the body undergoes, including alterations in nutrition and hydration. It will also highlight the importance of normalizing the experience of dying, specifically exploring strategies that can support patients, caregivers, and their loved ones through an end-of-life journey.

These topics are all very broad and can be customized to address the specific interests of your group.

We do not charge a fee for speaking to your group, but will accept a donation if you wish to make one.

To request a speaker, or discuss topic ideas, call 419-931-5423 or email Sara Chambers and include information about your group, what topics you are interested in as well as where and when you would like the presentation to take place.



Is It Time?

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"Why Do People Die?" Helping Your Child Understand – With Love and Illustrations

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By M. Webb

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"Hospice of Northwest Ohio is amazing. I only had them for a couple of months for my mom. They took a big load off of me as I was the only caregiver for my mom. They gave me so much support, comfort and help. I cannot praise them enough. Thank you."