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Costs and Insurance

When experiencing the challenges of serious illness – which may include a history of costly medical bills – the thought of adding one more medical service can be daunting. The good news is that most insurers view hospice care as a very high-value form of care and are happy to pay for it.

Medicare, Medicaid and most commercial insurances cover the costs of hospice care, which provides all of the following services on a per diem rate:

  • Medical and nursing care
  • Pain and symptom management
  • Aide services
  • Drugs, medical supplies and equipment related to the terminal illness
  • Extended nurse visits for symptom management
  • Family education
  • Emotional and spiritual support for the patient and family
  • Physical, speech or occupational therapy, if required to enhance quality of life
  • Massage and music therapy; art expression
  • Volunteer support for the patient and/or family
  • Assistance at the time of death
  • Bereavement support

Inpatient Care at Our Centers

Patients who have fluctuating symptoms or acute pain management needs may benefit from staying at one of our inpatient centers. These stays typically last for less than 10 days. The costs for this care – including room and board – will be covered by insurance for as long as the patient requires this higher level of care. Once the symptoms have been controlled for several days, the costs of care will continue to be covered, but a daily room and board fee will be required. At this time, our staff will meet with the family to ensure a smooth transition for the patient back home or to a skilled nursing facility, where they will remain under the care of Hospice of Northwest Ohio’s home care team.

Insist on the Hospice Provider of Your Choice

Hospice is viewed as a separate service by Medicare and Medicaid. Even if you are in a Medicare HMO / Advantage plan that requires you to use certain providers, you still may select ANY hospice you prefer, whether or not they are in your plan’s network. If you’d prefer Hospice of Northwest Ohio, please insist on a referral to our agency or call us directly.

No One Turned Away

Rest assured that expert end-of-life care can be provided by Hospice of Northwest Ohio regardless of your ability to pay or the complexity of your care needs. If you are not insured or have limited financial resources, we will work with you to determine a fee that will not be a burden for you.

Please note: patients are never required to sell their home to access our services.



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"I would like to thank everyone who was a part of my mom's care. She was at home and had hospice care. I know that I wouldn't have been able to keep my mom with me if it wasn't for hospice. Mom lived with me for 20 years with early onset Alzheimer's. And when the end of life part came she was in house and she had such caring nurses, aides and doctor. Our care made the end of her life very peaceful and that meant so much to our family."