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Hospice of Northwest Ohio has two state-of-the-art Hospice Centers, specifically designed to address the end-of-life needs of patients and families. One is located in Perrysburg Township at 30000 East River Road, about halfway between Perrysburg and Rossford. The other is located in Toledo at 800 South Detroit Avenue, north of Arlington. Both provide a peaceful, home-like atmosphere where patients and families can spend quality time together.

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Click here for a detailed booklet that describes who is eligible for care at the hospice centers, and how the care is provided.

Room and Board Fees
The Hospice Centers are meant to provide care for patients who have intensive pain and symptom management needs that cannot be managed in other settings. Review this information sheet to better understand levels of care and when a room and board fee will take effect.

High Staffing Levels
The staff-to-patient ratio at the Hospice Centers is much higher than in other health care settings. Patients’ needs are met immediately by nurses, aides, social workers and other caregivers who are passionate about the work they do. Our own staff of physicians – whose careers are fully dedicated to the specialty of end-of-life care – round with patients, oversee their care and are readily available to address patients’ changing needs.

Family-Friendly Environment
All patient rooms are private, with patients encouraged to bring personal items that will make their rooms as home-like as possible. Families have visiting privileges 24 hours a day (For patient comfort, we ask that only two family members spend the night.); children are always welcome and pets may visit, also. Each center features many amenities, including two large family rooms that are comfortably furnished and equipped with fireplaces and kitchenettes. Visitors can enjoy food brought from home or eat, conveniently, in the centers' dining rooms. Family gatherings are encouraged, with holidays, birthdays, baptisms and even weddings being celebrated at the hospice centers.

Great Views
Every patient room in both centers provides an excellent "view from the pillow." At the Perrysburg Center, which opened in 1995, there are wonderful gardens, bountiful wildlife, a stocked fishing pond, a walkway through the grounds, a small play area for young children and a grand piano in the music room which help provide a pleasant, relaxed setting for patients and visitors, alike. Large bay windows in each patient room – as well as enclosed porches, a solarium and patios – enable patients to enjoy the beautiful outdoor setting year-round.

At the Toledo Center, which opened in 2004, floor-to-ceiling windows in every patient room, and two interior courtyards with water features, provide great natural light and year-round access to nature and the outdoors. With a view of beautiful Swan Creek, it, too, has numerous porches and patios. A walkway and extensive gardens, in addition to an outdoor children's play area, help create a home-like atmosphere.

Smoke Free
Like all health care settings, both of Hospice of Northwest Ohio's Hospice Centers are smoke-free. We ask that you not smoke, chew tobacco or use electronic cigarettes anywhere on our premises.

We will make sure patients who smoke are kept comfortable by giving them medications which will help them adjust to the nicotine withdrawal. 

If family members need to smoke, we encourage them to take a break and leave our property to do so. For security reasons, they may NOT prop open doors to go outside to smoke; smoking in parked cars also is prohibited.

Family / Visitor Dining
Family members and visitors may purchase meals with a credit/debit card, Google Pay or Apple Pay at the touchscreen ordering stations in the Hospice Centers or by going to www.chezhospice.org. Unfortunately, we cannot accept cash through the food ordering system. Meals can be enjoyed in the dining room or wherever you like. If you have physical limitations, don’t hesitate to ask staff for assistance. Menus change daily.

Learn about costs and insurance coverage for care at the Hospice Center.

Care can also be provided at home or in an assisted living center or nursing home.



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"Hospice of Northwest Ohio is amazing. I only had them for a couple of months for my mom. They took a big load off of me as I was the only caregiver for my mom. They gave me so much support, comfort and help. I cannot praise them enough. Thank you."