From a Family...

"Hospice of Northwest Ohio provided family support for which we are so grateful."

Support for the Entire Family

Many issues arise when a family is facing the loss of a loved one. Because emotional and spiritual well-being are aclientuploads/Pictures/013 Hospice Passages 10-2014.compress.jpgs important as managing pain and symptoms, a staff of licensed social workers, plus chaplains, play an integral role on our care team. We recognize that each patient and family is unique and strive to be responsive to the special needs of everyone we serve.

Pursuing a Peaceful End-of-Life Experience
Our goal is for patients to have a peaceful, meaningful, end-of-life experience – one in which they have the time and physical capacity to get their affairs in order, have meaningful conversations with friends and loved ones and resolve any unfinished "business" in their lives.

The Hospice of Northwest Ohio counseling team will:

  • Provide individual and family counseling;
  • Assist the patient and caregiver with stress management skills;
  • Help patients and families understand the feelings they may be having;
  • Provide information and link the family to community resources they may need;
  • Provide support and education regarding end-of-life issues;
  • Meet jointly with patients and families to facilitate meaningful conversation and resolve issues;
  • Help family members anticipate grief and bereavement issues;
  • Provide special counseling for children who are close to the patient;
  • Troubleshoot issues that may be affecting the patient’s quality of life;
  • Provide bereavement counseling to family members for one year following the death.

At the request of patients, Hospice of Northwest Ohio chaplains will:

  • Offer prayer with patients and family members;
  • Answer questions and discuss concerns about spiritual matters;
  • Offer help in coping with common feelings such as loneliness, anger and fear;
  • Help contact the patient’s own clergy, if desired;
  • Facilitate receiving sacraments of the church.

Confused, Frustrated or Overwhelmed?
If you are finding it difficult to determine whether or not hospice care would be beneficial for you or your loved one, click on When Is It Time?

If you are having difficulties discussing end-of-life issues with your family or physician – or feel that some members of your family may be resistant or in denial – click on Talking About End of Life.

If you are concerned about insurance coverage and the costs of care, click on Costs/Insurance.