25% of people who die each year is a veteran. But, less than 5% will die in a VA faciility. The rest are dependent on their communities to honor their service and address their needs.

Meeting the Unique Needs of Veterans at the End of Life


Partnering with the Veteran's Administration, Hospice of Northwest Ohio is among a growing number of hospices striving to increase awareness about the special needs of veterans.

As part of our participation in the We Honor Veterans program, we are training staff and volunteers to become more knowledgeable about the physical conditions and psychological scars that impact the lives of many veterans until the day they die.

The problems they face are often the result of where, when and under what circumstances they served. By seeking greater understanding of a veteran's service history, we can greatly enhance their care.

Hospice of Northwest Ohio provides care for veterans who have any type of terminal illness or progressive disease that no longer responds to curative treatment. Our individualized care accommodates the needs of veterans of any age, with any condition, whether they receive their medical benefits through the VA, Medicare or Medicaid.

Veterans have access to all of the same care and services provided other hospice patients, wherever they live.

Am I Eligible for VA Benefits if I Choose Hospice?

Yes! A veteran who is dually eligible for VA and Medicare or Medicaid can elect to have hospice care under the Medicare or Medicaid Hospice Benefit. All other care, unrelated to the terminal illness, will still be covered as part of the VA Medical Benefits Package. Veterans who are not eligible for Medicare or Medicaid can access hospice care through their VA Hospice Benefit.

We Honor Veterans Honors Service

For those patients who have served in any branch of the US Armed Forces, a special certificate and pin honoring the service will be presented by a member of the We Honor Veterans team.

Please Call Us!

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