Hospice of Northwest Ohio strives to provide the best possible end-of-life experience to all who seek our help.

Art Expression, Music and Massage Therapy

Expressive therapies complement the expert medical care provided to our patients and our licensed therapists use their skills to identify an ideal and individualized care plan for each patient.

Art Expression

Art expression can be a meaningful intervention for patients who are processing thoughts and feelings that occur during their time on hospice. Counselors and volunteers can support  patients with exploring creativity and/or deepening self awareness. Patients are often surprised and inspired to find that they are able to create a meaningful gift for a family member or loved one…a gift that can become a cherished keepsake. 


Music Therapy

Hospice of Northwest Ohio uses music therapy to address the physical, social and spiritual needs of patients. Our licensed music therapist works with the patient to identify the best intervention to improve communication, relieve stress and improve the quality of life.


Massage Therapy

Some patients benefit from the healing touch of massage. Our licensed massage therapists work with patients who have been referred by their primary nurse -- sometimes to relieve pain and other times to just be a gentle hand in their end-of-life care.