Hospice of Northwest Ohio offers Hands-On Caregiving to help anyone tending to the physical care needs of a loved one at home; and Caring for the Caregiver to help those caring for loved ones find meaning in the experience.  See our calendar for upcoming sessions.

Community Outreach

Hospice of Northwest Ohio is proud to offer:
A Speaker's Bureau.
Caring for the Caregiver Workshops throughout the area.
Hands-On Education for Caregivers
Advance Care Planning Assistance

Speaker's Bureau

Hospice of Northwest Ohio partners with many organizations; including the Area Office on Aging and the Center for Successful Aging, to educate the community on end-of-life issues.

Hospice of Northwest Ohio welcomes any opportunity to share information about end-of-life care. We are the community’s leading resource regarding the many issues and concerns all individuals and families will face as they help their loved ones prepare for their final months of life. 

All presentations are tailored to the special interests or needs of the audience. 


Presentations from Hospice of Northwest Ohio are appropriate for any group, including:

  • Civic and service groups
  • Church groups
  • Companies
  • School groups – high school and college
  • Medical professionals
  • Counseling professionals
  • Social service agencies 

To request a speaker, or discuss topic ideas, call the Hospice of Northwest Ohio Communications Department at 419-661-4001 or email Barb Sharek and include information about your group, what topics you are interested in as well as where and when you would like the presentation to take place.


Caring for the Caregiver Workshops

In an effort to help non-professional caregivers who are assisting with the needs of friends or family members who are suffering from a long-term, chronic illness or those who are frail or debilitated due to old age, Hospice of Northwest Ohio is partnering with community organizations in offering a three-session workshop at various places and times throughout the area.

The goal of the workshop, "Caring for the Caregiver:" Finding the Blessings in the Experience, is to help the caregivers find personal meaning in the caregiving experience----in effect---turning day-to-day chores into meaningful, memorable experiences.

Topics Covered in the Ongoing Series

Participants will learn: Simple things they can do to cope with the stressors and losses of caregiving; How to care for themselves so that they can better care for their loved one; Resources available to them; Information that will simplify the caregiving process; How to have difficult conversations; To talk about end-of-life care and make important decisions; To maintain a positive, healthy and hope-filled outlook.

Access the tools and helpful hints in the complete workshop Resource Book.

For information on upcoming sessions and to register, please call Hospice of Northwest Ohio at 419-661-4001.

Sessions currently scheduled listed on the calendar


Hands-On Education for Caregivers

To address the needs of people caring for their sick, frail or debilitated loved ones at home, Hospice of Northwest Ohio has created a FREE workshop. Many people tell us that they feel ill-prepared to handle the challenges of the physical care that is required of them.

This two-hour workshop, held at varying times at the Toledo Center, will help caregivers learn to provide care with confidence. Through discussion and interactive demonstrations, family caregivers will learn tips to enhance the way they provide these care needs:

Bathing              Making an occupied bed              Hand hygiene
Oral care            Transfer techniques                    Skin care
Positioning          Ambulation                                Nail care
Back rubs            Feeding                                    Foot care
                         Incontinence care

Please call 419-661-4001 for more information, to register or to find out when workshops are scheduled. You can also view our calender for current sessions.


Advance Care Planning

As members of the Advance Care Planning Coalition of Greater Toledo, we can offer assistance in understanding or completing advance directives. If you would like to download the necessary forms to complete on your own, contact Leading Age Ohio. To reach the local Advance Care Planning hotline, call 419-725-0523.